Helping Men with Chronic Testicular Pain

Chronic Testicular Pain: New Treatments for a Better Quality of Life

Thousands of men suffer from a serious, disabling condition called chronic testicular pain (CTP). CTP can be intermittent or constant. Most testicular pain is considered chronic if the patient has suffered with it for at least three months. Approximately 25 percent of testicular pain has no known cause and may be CTP.

In some patients, the pain originates in the epididymis, a crescent-shaped organ around the testicle, responsible for sperm transport and storage. This condition can mimic chronic testicular pain.

CTP can interfere with normal, daily living and the ability to work. Anyone who has suffered CTP knows the frustration of going from doctor to doctor trying to find a treatment. The physicians at Chesapeake Urology offer state-of-the-art treatments and are dedicated to helping patients who suffer from CTP so that they can regain their quality of life.

Some testicular pain happens suddenly; other times, it develops slowly. It can also come and go. Sudden testicle pain can be the sign of an emergency and should be treated immediately. All testicular pain should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

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